Aaron Yeandle’s education includes a B.A (Hones) in Photography, M.A in Fine Art and a PGCE.  As a practicing artist Aaron has exhibited nationally and internationally. Aaron has lectured photography in Schools, Colleges and Universities. He has delivered presentations, workshops and master classes on photography and about his own photographic practice.

Aaron was chosen as the overall winner of The Guardians Britain Is Competition, with the photograph, The Western Ranger. The aim of the Competition was to discover the defining image of Britain today. 

In 2015, Aaron’s photographic portrait (Lilly) was exhibited in the Portrait Salon. Between 2014 and 2019 he was part on the Guernsey Photographic Festival committee. Aaron was chosen as one of the Artist in Residence for the 2016 Photo-Canopy (Lens on the National Forest). As part of the Artist –in- Residence he delivered talks on his currant photographic practice and examined the philosophies of the Photo-Canopy. 

These talks were designed for the public, Higher and Further Education students.  Aaron presented photographic workshops to the public and students alongside providing critical portfolio reviews. As part of this residency Aaron produced an intensive body of work incorporating the social and historical issues of the National Forest region. His work was exhibited at the Brewhouse Art Gallery in October 2016.  Alongside the exhibition Aaron produced a comprehensive photographic book, which will provide a long lasting legacy. 

In 2016 Aaron exhibited his project The Equaliser in the Guernsey Photography Festival. This Festival showcases some of the most contemporary and well-known photographers from around the world.

Between 2017 and 2018 Aaron worked on his second Artist-in-Residence, which was for Elizabeth College Guernsey.  Aaron worked on a one-year, self-directed photographic project, with the military cadets of Guernsey.

The work produced for this Artist in Residence was named Memorialise. Throughout the year Aaron held workshops and master classes in photography as well as delivering presentations on his own practice. Memorialise was a photographic and research project, which delved into the social and personal history of Guernsey in World War 1. The Artist-in-Residence concluded with an interactive art exhibition held at the Gate House Gallery.

In 2019 Aaron exhibited a large-scale photographic project called Chimera. The exhibition was exhibited in the Guernsey Museum, Green House Gallery. Chimera was a two-year anthropological, social and historical Photographic project, which showcases the unseen world of Guernsey’s community of make believe history and fantasy.

 From 2018 to 2019 Aaron had his third Artist-in-Residence at the Guernsey Grammar School. The residency was a one-year self-directed artist residence. Throughout the year he gave workshops, master classes, portfolio reviews and presentations on his own practice. The work, produced for this residence captured our ever-changing environment and focused on the little eccentricities of our everyday existence. The Grammar School residence, concluded in an exhibition at the Gatehouse Gallery.

 Since 2018 Aaron has been working on a photographic commission for the Guernsey Language Commission. The project VOUAÏE captures a social and historical record of the last Guernésiais speakers. Guernsey has an ancient language with a long history. Throughout the year Aaron has been taking personal portraits inside the homes of the last Guernésiais speakers. There is estimated to be only around one hundred speakers left.

In July 2019 Aaron was chosen as one of the artists for the NatWest Gibraltar Island Games Arts residence 2019. The two-week intensive Artist Residence involved collaborating with artists from around the world and from Gibraltar. He gave presentations to the artists and to the general public. The Island Games residence concluded in a large scale, self-directed exhibition at the John Mac Hall Gibraltar.

Aaron was one of the winners for the Reclaim Awards 2019. Reclaim is a collective initiating an award in Cologne that redefines public space as a place for art. From 20th to 30th of September 2019, billboards are rented and made available to artists as their individual exhibition space.